October 2015 Update

Rolf made it safely back to China. Before going on to Dalian he spent 4 days in Beijing visiting friends and 2 of his former students. He is now finding his way around his new location in Dalian which he says is beautiful and he is getting acclimated to the new school.

He found an apartment online. The conversation telling Sherri about it went like this – Rolf: I have a room in an office. Sherri: What do you mean in an office? Rolf: It is a room in an office. There is a kitchen and a bathroom and 6 cubicles. Sherri: You have a kitchen and bathroom in your room? Rolf: No, I have a room in an office with a kitchen and a bathroom. Sherri: You mean the kitchen and the bathroom are in the office? Are they just for you? Rolf: No. Sherri: ????? So you are sharing the kitchen and the bathroom with the office? Rolf: Yes! Sherri: So you have to go through the office to get to the kitchen and bathroom? Rolf: Yes! Sherri: That’s awkward!! Rolf: I’m looking for a new apartment!

When he moved in to this place it was on a weekend when no one was working. A few days later Sherri got an email from him that said “No joking, it is pretty awkward to stomp through the office every time I come and go.” Shortly after that he found a new apartment through a former student. Now he has his privacy but unfortunately there is a frustratingly slow and weak Internet connection in this building. Video Skyping for us has been a “nightmare” as we are spending most of our time with constantly getting cut off and trying to reconnect again.

Also, the Chinese government blocks most all foreign websites. Rolf had a program to be able to circumvent “The Great Firewall of China” which now the government has blocked. PRAY he can find another program where he can get access to what he needs and not worry about being monitored.

But now moving on to the exciting news – Rolf is already mentoring one of his new students! Bob likes to dominate classroom discussions and Rolf thought he might find out what’s up with this guy and maybe get to know him better. So he invited him to breakfast. Rolf turned the conversation to spiritual matters and Bob said he knew his grandmother was a Christian but he didn’t know anything about what that meant. Rolf asked him if he would like to know more and Bob said “yes”. He gave him the book “An Anchor for the Soul” and suggested they meet to discuss it further to which Bob agreed. Now after a couple of meetings Bob comes with questions and interest to know more. Through this book and the discussions that follow PRAY Bob will understand and make a decision to follow Jesus.

Rolf went back to his old church and had a great reunion with 7 of the 9 students from his discipleship class from the old school. One of the students has since moved to Shanghai and is attending church there; the other was out of town. After they enjoyed catching up over lunch, happy to be together again!

We are so grateful that God protected us and has allowed Rolf to return to China to tell of Jesus’ love for them. And we are so grateful for YOU who make it possible to be there through your love, prayers and support. Thank you team!!

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