February 1015 Update

“2015…a new year anticipating where God it going to take us and what He is going to do. Pray we are open and willing to whatever that is” is how we started our January letter. Little did we know that 5 days before Rolf was to return to China the school would call to tell him, “you need to cool your heels for now and stay home”. Not what we were expecting to hear!

So what happened! Last month we wrote about the Christmas dinner Rolf celebrated with 42 of his students with the reading of the Christmas story and the VCD’s of the “Jesus” film he presented to each of them…someone that was there, who was probably someone that had come with one of the students, reported Rolf resulting in the Religious Affairs Bureau coming to the school looking for him. By God’s grace it was when he had already left to come home so he was not arrested or officially expelled from China! But for now he cannot go back.

So what does this mean? For now we don’t know. What we do know is in the midst of our feeling of loss and sadness we can take comfort in the fact that this was no surprise to God, He still is in control and He still holds our future. We also can take comfort knowing the 15 students from Rolf’s two “Faith or Fiction” classes are going to church regularly and are solid and growing in their faith. We also know those 42 VCD’s will not be wasted and will be used to God’s glory. God’s word “will not return to (Him) empty, but will accomplish what (He) desires.”

In the meantime Rolf stays in contact with his disciples and students via Skype video calls and group chats through the innovative and educational Skype in the Classroom web portal.

In the 12 years we have been ministering in China we always knew this kind of thing was a possibility. Why God allowed it is for Him to know and for us to trust. In mid March we plan to take a couple of weeks to get away as we work through this and wait on God for our next assignment. “He has a purpose for placing us where we are. Instead of wishing that all things happened according to our will, we could say as our Savior did before going to the cross, Not as I will, but as You will.” Matthew 26:39. Quoted from Our Daily Bread which ended with “Patient waiting is often the highest way of doing God’s will.”

We need your prayers and support more than ever during this time. So we will end as we began, “2015…a new year anticipating where God it going to take us and what He is going to do. Pray we are open and willing to whatever that is” and PRAY for patience in the waiting.

We cannot say it enough – we are always and every grateful and thankful for your partnership.

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