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The Story of Jesus

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“JESUS” constantly “surprises and confounds” people, from His “miraculous” birth to His “rise” from the grave.

Follow “JESUS” life with all the “miracles, teachings and passion” as recorded in the book of “Luke” in the Bible.

In the greater story of the world, God “creates” everything and “loves” mankind. But mankind “disobeys” God. God and mankind are “separated.” God loves “mankind” so much, He arranges “redemption” for mankind.

He sends his Son “JESUS” to be a perfect “sacrifice” to make “amends” for us.

“JESUS” is the centerpiece in the larger story. Mankind’s redemption hinges on the “suffering and rejection” of the sinless offering of Jesus Christ.

In witnessing “JESUS” crucifixion and rise from the dead, we see God’s authority over “death and justification for all sin.”

Those who follow “JESUS”, confessing Him as “Savior” and leaving their “old” lives behind, are saved from God’s “wrath” against their sins.

When judged, “JESUS’s” blood will cover them so that they are “sinless” in the eyes of God. This is “demonstrated” story after story when “JESUS”  is able to declare, “Your sins have been forgiven.”


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Chinese Jesus Film

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