Year End Letter 2014


“And the Lord added to their numbers daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:41b.

We do not know the full effects of our labor as we focus our efforts on those in China who can influence others. When we have the privilege of teaching individuals, there is the great potential they will spread what they learn to others, who in turn, can reach others by the hundreds. We do know there is a lot of openness when they do hear. Let us tell you the story of Michael, Alice and Amy.

Eight years ago Rolf led his high school class monitor Michael to the Lord. After graduating he moved to Beijing to start his own business. Soon he was looking for a wife but was turned down repeatedly by potential girlfriends because he did not have enough material things to offer like a car, apartment and last, but not least, enough money which is very important in the Chinese culture to prospective brides.

With every trip back to China Rolf meet with Michael encouraging him to keep the faith and they would pray for God to grant him the right spouse. Few years forward Michael emailed Rolf he had found a girl he fell in love with and who wasn’t concerned with the material things. The only problem was she was not a Christian and he wanted to know what he should be doing. Rolf counseled Michael about not being yoked to an unbeliever and to keep on praying asking the Lord for wisdom and discernment.

Another year went by and on Rolf’s next visit to Beijing Michael introduced his fiancée, Alice, to him who in the meantime also had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. They talked about getting married the following year. Rolf was invited to come to the wedding in his rural home town and stayed in his parent’s house who also had become Christians.

Last month when Rolf returned to China he stopped in Beijing to visit Michael and Alice and was introduced to their little daughter, Amy. Now, Amy who was born in a country where so many are lost because they have never even heard of Jesus, will grow up in a Christian home and be spoiled by Christian grandparents and who, without a doubt will have influence on others as she grows up. Praise God!!

This is just one of many stories of what God is doing in China. We are just so grateful to have you on this journey with us as we see changed lives for His Kingdom.

We couldn’t do this without the prayers and support of many. As this year soon comes to a close we are especially reminded of how much we depend on God’s provision through the generosity of others. Even with those that support us regularly we cannot make it through the next year without the additional “year-end” support that comes in annually.

Please PRAY with us that God will continue to meet our needs so that we together can continue to be the instruments He uses to further his Kingdom in China.

In His Great Love and Service.

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