October 2014 Update

“The earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results.” James 5:16 TLB

QQ  20140930205827 Thank you for your prayers. Rolf’s return was smooth and without incident. He spent a night in  Beijing so that he could visit with his former student Michael and his wife and their new baby. It is such a joy to see how far Michael has come since being one of Rolf’s students and before Christ came into his life.

The next morning it was on to Dalian and back to classes. He has the same students as last year plus 10 new ones. He has a total of 60 students, 2 classes of 30, each class two times a week. He teaches one business class (mostly import, export topics) and a financial class, both in English.

After a week there he started a new “Faith or Fiction” curriculum. Six of the 10 new students decided to join and 2 of them have already started going to church with Rolf! The former class of 9 are also still going to church! Praise God!

Sometime when we leave we hope and pray they will not fall away and will continue going to church whether we are there or not. PRAY they will continue to grow in Christ and that they will be telling others of God’s love and forgiveness and how He changed their lives.

Within a week of Rolf’s departure Sherri was able to get away for an annual Bible study retreat. She was in a restful and warm place for a week with 7 wonderful sisters in Christ who have been together for more than 30 years.

It is a special and rare gift that God has given to be together this long to study and grow in His Word, to do life together, and support and pray for each other and for those we love and care about.

We thank God everything is going smoothly right now, but in China that can change at any time. So we ask you continue praying for:

Protection for Rolf and his students, the school and the school’s owner
Rolf to continue to be bold but cautious in his activities
Good health
For Sherri taking care of things at home

Thank you for all you do – we are very grateful and are very aware we couldn’t do this without you behind us!

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