August 2014 Update

Here it is August already! What happened to July!? Rolf arrived home on July 3rd just in time to celebrate Independence Day with the family in Kankakee – a great way to start his return home. It has been a beautiful summer and we have been able to enjoy a couple of mini getaways and some local festivals and concerts.

We spent Sherri’s birthday visiting 2 nights with a high school friend of hers and her husband in Michigan. It was a nice relaxing trip with a delicious homemade blueberry birthday pie (from local berries), beautiful country and wonderful company.

Our granddaughter, Brittany has spent a good part of the summer with us and the best part is she asked if she could come and stay with us! Nothing warms a grandparent’s heart like grandkids that want to spend time together! While she was here we took a 2 day trip to Indianapolis. She is interested in China (wonder why!) and the Children’s Museum has until early November a special exhibit of the Terra Cotta Warriors from Xi’an China. Eight of the recently unearthed Warriors are on display along with other relics. There is also a Take Me There – China section where one can explore Chinese culture. The museum is pretty fantastic with a lot of other things to see and do. We spent the whole day there.

Our second day was spent at the Indianapolis Zoo which is another fantastic place to visit. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and there are a lot of animal exhibits and things to see and do. One of the highlights was the International Orangutan Center where you can observe the scientists there teaching the orangutans to work on the computer – really – we saw it with our own eyes!

Perhaps we need a couple of those orangutans to come to our house and maybe they can solve our computer problems!! Unfortunately since Rolf came home we have been dealing with computer issues. It started with his. We thought for a while a couple of Comcast technicians were going to become a part of our family. But thank goodness that problem has been resolved.

Sherri’s (1 ½ year old) computer, now that’s another story! That started over a month ago. Our computer savvy neighbor worked on it and we thought it was fixed only to find out it was a bigger issue when it crashed the next week. We loaded it in the car and off to the Geek Squad. They had it for a week and told us it was “fixed”. We brought it home and yep you guessed it – same problem as before! So now they are doing a “system restore” wiping everything off and starting from the factory beginning….so after another more than a week in the Geek Squad’s hands we wait…

We know in the big picture this is really small stuff but it can wear a person down when it is almost a daily frustration just to do the day by day business. Please PRAY for this to be resolved – and soon! It would be nice for Rolf to be able to rest and relax before he returns to China and his students on September 29th.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” II Corinthians 4:18.

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