April 2014 Update

We hope God’s perfect love and amazing grace filled you with joy as you celebrated the miracle of Easter! “He is Risen!” Our son and daughter-in-law and 2 of our grandchildren spent Easter with Sherri. What a beautiful warm and sunny day it was, too. In the evening Rolf joined us via Skype for some nice family catch up time. Today’s technology is wonderful! It does help – at least a little – to close the gap of being many miles and 13 hours apart.

Rolf spent Easter day with a couple he met through one of his students. After church they spent the rest of the day sightseeing that included hiking in the hills and a barbeque on the beach. It was a wonderful time to get to know them better and a very enjoyable day. Rolf has been sharing with them and God is moving in their hearts but they are not yet believers. “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12. PRAY they will “receive and believe in his name”.

The big celebration for Easter actually occurred the week before when one of Rolf’ students from his “Faith or Fiction” class invited everyone over for a dumpling making party to celebrate the Risen King! Four of the other students were able to come and they brought spouses, children and grandparents – about 25 in all. They all enjoyed good fellowship and good food. After the meal Rolf was able to show the Chinese version of the DVD “Jesus Film”.

It was an amazing time to watch the faces of the adults and kids during the crucifixion of Jesus. After it was over two of the parents were deeply engaged in discussion with the host about the film. When Rolf asked her later what this was all about she told him they wanted to know more about this man Jesus and why he had to die on the cross. It was a wonderful door opening for the host to explain the Easter story in more detail and share her own testimony with them of how she became a Christian.

It is time for Rolf to leave the mainland of China…BUT only to get his visa stamped. His visa requires that he leave every 90 days, get his visa stamped and then he can re-enter for another 90 days. The timing coincides with China’s 3 day Labor Day holiday, May1-3. So he is taking advantage of that and flying to Guangzhou and then taking a bus to Hong Kong for some relaxation and sightseeing.

If you haven’t had the chance or recently haven’t visited our web blog at “China – in His image” take a look as Rolf has posted three new powerful entries. One is a testimonial of a Chinese blogger, “Why I am a Christian” and one titled “Mao or Jesus?” and another on “Chinese Churches”. Bold stories reaffirm that Christianity is growing in leaps and bounds all over China.

And to that we say “Praise God!”

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