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March 2014 Update

“For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.” Psalm 47:7,8.

We thank God for the transformed and changed lives and new brothers and sisters in Christ that have resulted from the “Faith or Fiction” class that Rolf has been teaching on Saturdays. He asked them what they thought about the program and it is so exciting and encouraging we had to pass it on to you. What a privilege we ALL get to be a part of God’s work and we hope you are as moved reading their comments as we were.

Lisa, International Trade Manager: “This project has created a spiritual re-awakening in my life. My Mom at home is a pastor and I wish she could have joined me. Thanks so much for your work, inspiration, creativity, and faithfulness. I will do my very best to implement God’s vision in my life as my faith increases.

Eric, Company Owner: “Awesome. I didn’t expected this and I look forward to what this all means as a stepping stone in my deep awe for the Lord. This was very meaningful to me. May the Lord God bless you and your willingness to teach this to us. I had no idea of what it would be, only to realize that this study is greater than anything I had envisioned.

Jennifer, RN Nurse: “Thank you so much. I was impressed with how well it was laid out. It explained everything so clearly and in terms I could understand. It will be an immeasurable help to me, both in my work and my walk. Thank you for the Bibles you gave us. Now we can study anytime we want.”

Waylon, Toy Company Owner: “You are a good teacher and your passion clearly shows in this study. I’ve never known someone to have such a knowledge on the picture of truth issues and the Bible and be able to explain it so clearly and in lay terms.”

Marie, Travel Agency Manager: “Few years ago I was a confused college student and many of the theories in psychology conflicted directly with my beliefs. This study showed me why the Lord may be making specific changes in my life.”

Jason, Air Traffic Controller: “What a pleasure to experience biblical teaching in a cutting-edge presentation. Thank you Teacher. I appreciate what went into all of the training materials with respect to time, cost, sacrifice and above all, your encouraging prayers.”

Craig, PhD Doctoral Candidate: “I live in Shanghai China and when I am finish with my studies I am very excited to take this back with me and start making a difference!

Anna, Mega Store Supervisor: “We Chinese don’t often have the opportunity to be taught the Word. This program was an eye opener for me. I especially liked Chapter 9 ‘Who’s Laws’ which directly conflicts with what we are taught from a young age on.”

Helena, Owner Export Company: “God has been moving in my heart to combat destructive habits of mine. This teaching is an invaluable resource to challenge some of the cultural differences my husband and I need to face.”

THANK YOU and to God be the Glory.

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