February 2014 Update

Rolf is back in China and back to work and we always like it when it is without incident or delays. Well, almost without incident. Arriving in Beijing the handle on his carry-on broke and he couldn’t “wheel” it so that meant carrying a very heavy piece of luggage through the airport. Then after picking up his check-in luggage and trying to manage it all, including his computer bag, he had to get through the long walk to customs.

Finally he made it to the hotel where he was staying for the night before his continuing flight to Dalian in the morning. The receptionist at the hotel remembered him from previous visits and feeling sorry for him called her husband, who was a driver for the hotel, and had him take Rolf late in the evening to the store to buy a new carry-on luggage. Thankful for the kindness of this hotel clerk!

Part of the heavy load he was carrying in his carry-on bag was candy he was taking back to share with his students. Some of it he used to fill Valentine candy bags for his 9 students in his “Faith or Fiction” discussion group and then he had a little Valentine party for them which they thoroughly enjoyed. The boys especially loved the chocolates!

This is the class he started in October using excerpts from The Truth Project and Ray Comfort’s Evolution vs. God videos. This thought provoking study has really opened their eyes and in fact since Rolf has been back ALL 9 OF THEM HAVE MADE DECISIONS FOR CHRIST!! Rolf was delighted to also learn while he was gone they even met without him and are also going to church regularly. Never get tired of reporting this kind of news and this is why we do what we do!!  Thank you being a part of this!!

“For God is King of all the earth: sing to him a psalm of praise. God reigns over the nations: God is seated on his holy throne.” Psalm 47:7,8.

This study will be completed in four weeks and we are praying for discernment and wisdom if Rolf should start a new group or not and how to continue to be an encouragement to others during home and church gatherings.  We ask your PRAYERS that God would give him wisdom and direction.

Thanks to a generous year end gift Rolf was able to purchase 50 bilingual Chinese/English Bibles for his students which will be arriving any day. This will be of significant benefit to the students as they will be able to interpret more difficult Bible passages in their own language for clarification and, of course, with their own Bibles they can study the Scriptures on their own.

We are thankful and grateful and praise God for your partnership in this venture!


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