December 2013 Update

We are coming to the end of 2013. It has been a year of concerted effort and emphasis on Bible teachings which has been exceptionally fruitful in bringing many students and business leaders into a new understanding of the Bible and personal relationship with Him.

Coupled with the weekly Saturday morning “Faith or Fiction” curriculum Biblical Studies, we feel that God has given us some extraordinary tools that will be useful for many months to come in 2014. God is opening up many venues for using these studies in amazing ways. We have much to do in the coming year and are humbled to continue to represent Christ in China. And we need your constant prayers so that we might faithfully carry out our work.

We find ourselves in a time of financial need to purchase bilingual Chinese/English study Bibles, DVD’s and various discipleship material to meet the needs of those we are privileged to witness, assist and serve. If, by God’s grace, you have prospered this year and would consider a gift, your sacrificial generosity would be a great help to this ministry and a blessed opportunity to be involved in what God is doing in China. All gifts will be used toward next year’s budget expenses.

If you, or someone you know, could donate United frequent flyer miles that would be another great help to get us back to China this coming February. We are thankful for each person who prayed for us and our work, who encouraged us, or provided support last year.

Next year we hope, with God’s provisions, to continue serving the Church in China and invite you to partner with us to see this happen. We pray you will have a joy filled celebration of our Savior’s birth and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year in Jesus’s Mighty Name.

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