September 2013 Update

Rolf made it back to China safe and sound. However, he never made it back to Xining where he was teaching. After staying in Beijing for a couple of days to visit with a former student and his wife he flew on to the city of Dalian to check out another teaching position that the police chief in Xining had told him about. Rolf’s intention was to fly there check it out and then return back to Xining to see what the school there was going to offer with classes and also to see if he could find an affordable apartment.

Once Rolf arrived in Dalian, met the owner of the school and learned what he was offering he decided to just stay. He could offer him enough classes to sustain his stay there which the other school was questionable. Oh, and did we mention the Chinese owner of the school is also a Christian. He pretty much knows why Rolf is there and told Rolf, “Just don’t get me or yourself in trouble!”

So where is Dalian? It is in the Northeastern part of China on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in the province of Liaoning. It is a trading and financial center and has gained the name of the “Hong Kong of Northern China”. It is said to be perhaps the most modern city in all of China.

It has been transformed in the last 100 years from a dull, gray seaside town into an international center of fashion and commerce with broad roads, soaring skyscrapers and bright lights that adorn the city. In spite of that – or perhaps because of that – a few years ago one Christian source said, “Dalian is unquestionably one of the most unreached cities in China”.

Rolf has already made himself at home. He found a nice and affordable apartment on the outskirts of Dalian where the school is and is finding his way around. In fact he even joined an exercise class. Well sort of. He noticed in the square in front of his apartment every morning many Chinese gather daily for exercise. So one morning he decided to go out and join them much to the delight and smiles of many. It is not so unusual in the mornings to see Chinese exercising in the parks and in the squares but maybe seeing some white haired foreigner joining them might be!

He teaches English 2pm-6pm four days a week. His classes are 20-30 adults and university students. Shortly after he started teaching one of his adult students told Rolf there was a good German restaurant nearby and asked if Rolf would like to join him – which he did – and the food was indeed excellent! In turn Rolf asked, “Now how about if I invite you to go to church with me”.

“Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4. He did join him and brought along another of Rolf’s students. The next week 2 more students joined them.

We praise God that we still get to do what we are doing and are so grateful you are on our team with us! Please PRAY that God will break the strongholds of pride and materialism that keep people from this area from knowing Jesus Christ.

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