Heat Dodgers

Heat Dodgers 01

Off to IKEA We Go!

With China deep in the throes of a summer of hellfire, the Chinese are cooking up pork on the street; turning up in droves on the beach, to create seas of humans; and turning dorm rooms into swimming pools.

IKEA, a long favored hangout for Chinese, has now become the de facto” spot to escape the stifling heat.

Heat Dodgers 02

In these past few weeks, with cities experiencing 35+ degrees Celsius weather, people have decided that furniture stores are the place to be seen, naturally.

Heat Dodgers 03

There is no air-conditioned home like IKEA in Beijing. The Show Room area has become populated by people casually chilling on the sofas, taking in the free air-conditioning, not to mention completely dozing off.

Heat Dodgers 04It’s not just Beijinger’s who are in on this little ruse either; ever rivals, the Shanghainese are getting their fix too.

Heat Dodgers 05Reporters witnessed a customer devouring an ice cream cone, while spread-out on a comfy IKEA sofa, and proceeded to let it melt allover the  floor and sofa.

 Upon being caught, the customer retorted: “I like eating it here, what business is it yours?” One wonders what IKEA makes of it all.

Heat Dodgers 08

Netizens are criticizing these crafty heat dodgers,  many snapping pictures of those comfortably tucked-up in IKEA beds, casually reading newspapers, or, for the more modern, getting in a cheeky game of Angry Birds on their I Pads.

Children, led by grannies looking to cool-down, are turning the ready-made furniture chain into a kiddies playground.

Heat Dodgers 09

Some customers complain that it is difficult for them to buy what they need, due to the droves of nappers happily sleeping.

However, IKEA says it cannot forbid the heat dodgers from going about their daily business, as it all promotes customers experiencing their products and there is no regulation limiting the length of their “experience”.

Saying that, “we are pretty sure it wouldn’t happen in Sweden.”

Heat Dodgers 06But, let’s not let IKEA take all the credit, Chinese supermarkets and malls are favored hot-spots (ok, ok, cool-spots) as well.

Heat Dodgers 07

People have even brought stools and blankets into subways. Who minds looking like a “subway beggar” when there is air conditioning?

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