Chopstick Magic

Chopstick Magic 00If you have been in China for a while, you are probably familiar with the omnipotence of thieves.

While most pick pocket methods lack the high level technology seen in Hollywood blockbusters like the Ocean’s Trilogy, they do excel in grassroots level brilliance.

Earlier this month, a pick-pocket thief in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, stole a woman’s cellphone with a pair of chopsticks.

He got away with it, but unfortunately a netizen captured the entire process with the phone on a bus.

A local media outlet posted the series of 11 pictures on Sina Weibo recording how the thief ran alongside the lady on the bike, and successfully picked out a yellow cellphone from her pocket.

Chopstick Magic 01

The pictures also showed the thief’s face and the location of the crime. The site called out to netizens to help identify the thief.

This incident lit up many netizens’ passion since almost everyone has had something stolen before, who re-tweeted the micro blog, tagged the post with “WANTED”, and vowed to catch him.

Chopstick Magic 02

The thief came across these pictures as well as the netizens’ furious comments online, and became really worried for his safety.

The next day, he asked his girlfriend to take care of his 11-year-old son, contacted the media hoping to issue a public apology, and turned himself in to the police.


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