June 2013 Update

We have been on a whirlwind since Rolf has arrived home!  First thank you for your prayers for our trip to Utah for our granddaughter’s wedding.  Prayers were answered!  Home one day and off we went.  Rolf drove the whole trip without any problems – he was awake and alert and enjoying the drive!

The wedding was lovely and we then went on to spend 2 wonderful days with our friends in Colorado.  We were gone 8 days 5 of which we spent in the car on the road – lots of time for us to catch up!

Since our return Rolf has been getting “maintenance work” and “tuned up”.  He has had doctor check-ups, dentist and eye appointments.  Three days after returning from out West he had hand surgery to remove some growths which turned out a little more involved than what we or the doctor anticipated. 

The Surgeon said it was the 3rd largest growth he has ever removed from a hand – so big he had to make an incision on both the top and bottom of his hand to remove it.  Rolf has been doing physical therapy 2 times a week since and is starting to get some feeling back in his hand and fingers. He also had some other testing done and we are waiting results to see if there is any follow up that is needed.

Because of all this, plans had to be changed for his return to China.  He probably now won’t be returning until September.  The school where he teaches emailed that he would be welcomed back at any time because the students “very much like his class”.  He has also heard from some of his students that he teaches from the University saying how much they miss him and wishing him well.

One of his students said in an email, “. . . .it’s really a pity that you cannot come back in July but don’t worry, cuz we have a final exam in July.  I mean that we won’t have time to attend the class because of the annoying exam.  After that, there will be a long Summer Holiday which take about a month.  Yes I mean that we are going to go back home just like u in August.  U see, it’s just the time when u come back that we come back to Xining too!” 

Another student wrote, “With the approach of the final exam, most of us are busy reviewing the textbooks. . . .Actually we have benefited a lot from your oral English class, it is a great honor to learn with you and we hope you could teach in Qinghai University as a formal honored professor to broad our horizon, make even greater contributions to the educational condition in the western part of China.  We are looking forward for your arriving again at the beginning of September.” 

It looks like a September return is best for all.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death” Romans 8:1,2 

As we celebrated our nation’s freedom this 4th we are also remembering the greatest freedom we have – Freedom in Christ – and that there are those in China and other places around the world that have never even heard.

Thank you for helping through your prayers and support to carry the Word and bringing Life to those that don’t yet know. 

You are appreciated and loved.                                                                               


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