May 2013 Update

Rolf has a different visa this trip.  It is a year visa but in order for him to stay for the year he needs to leave the mainland of China every 90 days to have his visa stamped and then he can reenter.

So Rolf will be heading home arriving on May 28th. This will be short stay, only for a month before he returns.

The plan, as of today anyhow, is for him to return to China on July 1st stay for the next 90 days and then make a quick trip to Hong Kong or perhaps Thailand so he can have his visa re-stamped.

His visa then will expire at the end of November. And then. . . . . . .???. . . . .we will see what God has in store. “For I know the plans I have for you.” 

Lately He has just not chosen to let us know in advance!

When he went back at the end of February he was able to “pass off” his 200 middle school students to another teacher. Middle school is just not in his field of expertise and more importantly there is not much opportunity to share the “Good News” with that age group.

But through a professor at the university he is acquainted with he acquired a group of 30 plus university students that wanted to join a class to help improve their English. He teaches them 2 nights a week and he is loving it and they are loving him. He already has a couple of them going to church with him!

Our oldest granddaughter, Sydney is getting married June 1st in Utah – yes just 4 days after Rolf gets home. We will be driving out there and ask for your prayers. It is a long drive, especially after getting off a plane after a 13 hour flight.

Rolf’s days and nights will be turned around – it usually takes about a week for his body to realize what time zone he is in! So please, PRAYERS for safety in traveling, quick adjustment and endurance for the road and our time there.

Please PRAY, too, for Sydney and Zaric as they start their life together that Jesus be the center of their lives and marriage and “that (they) may know him who is true. And (be) in him who is true—even in his Son Jesus Christ.  He is the true God and eternal life.” I John 5:20 b.

We are very excited that on the way back from Utah we will be stopping in Colorado for a couple of days to see some special friends we have not had the opportunity to see in over 10 years!

We will have a chance to catch up – at least try – with each other and it will give Rolf a little respite before we have to make the long drive back home.

We are so privileged to be able to do what we do and humbled that God has called us to serve the lost in China and we are so very grateful and blessed that He has called you to come along side us.

Thank you for serving with us.

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