Home Beyond the Sun

Home Beyond The Sun“Home Beyond the Sun” is the story of two girls, Jenna (Mellyssa Ade) a 22-year old American bible college teacher and the other Chu Lee (Molly Sayer) an eight-year old Chinese orphan.

Together, with the help of the Lord and the guidance of His Word, they overcome the adversity of prejudice, persecution, and political oppression to find solace and protection in the bosom of a Christian family.

An inspiring story of a young woman traveling to China to teach in an area where her faith is forbidden and possessing a Bible could bring a longer jail term than selling drugs.

Brought there by the promise of a resume building job Jenna discovers an orphanage and befriends a young Chinese girl, Chui Lee.

Chui Lee, abandoned at birth after the murder of her mother, is raised in a licensed orphanage for castaway girls. Being overlooked at every adoption opportunity causes Chui Lee to search for an answer to why she was ever born.

Each morning as the Sun comes up she is hoping against all odds that this would be the day she would have parents who would love her and take her away from the orphanage.

Jenna too is seeking purpose in life. Raised in a Christian environment yet also abandoned at birth, and with no roots or family ties, life seems confusing to her. Where will she find contentment and a “home” to fill her lonely heart to give it peace?

When Jenna discovers that Chu Lee will never have a family or a future, she decides to get involved with the adoption to a family in the United States.

In a desperate effort to help this Chinese orphan escape poverty and oppression in Mainland China she contacts Pastor Dan in America and pleads with him to search for a family who might adopt Chu Lee inadvertently setting the wheels of conflict in rapid motion.

The Chinese police are preventing this when they find out that they are Christians. What follows next is as old as time itself: “a modern day re-telling of David verses Goliath.”

Whether it is a twist of fate or a direction of faith, it is a race against time and evil. Caught between the risk of being locked away forever in a Chinese prison or rescuing a lonely little Chinese girl, Jenna must decide which is the greater good.

This extraordinary movie explores the social and political realities of China and enthrall the heart, elevate the spirit, and expand the awareness of committed men and women to these challenges.

In this deeply committed visual adventure, the creative fire of Christian love warms the hearts of “rebels with a cause.”

“Home Beyond the Sun” is a celebration of the human spirit as well as an eloquent description of religious virtue overcoming political vice.

The uniquely pertinent story proves again that no man is an island. Here, discarded and disenfranchised daughters find strength through the community of Christian love.

Produced, written and directed by Academy Award® winning Visual effects Director, British born Colin Chilvers “Home Beyond the Sun” is a true story of persecution, faith, and freedom escaping a world of fear.

“Home Beyond the Sun” is the story of despair and hope, deceit and compassion, depression and renewal. It is both an everlasting lesson and an enduring testament to faith in God.

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