Bibles in China


Chinese Bible

In 2012, the country’s sole Bible printer, “Amity Printing,” produced 12 million Bibles and New Testaments.

The “increased” availability of Bibles is a “big step” forward from China’s strictly Communist day.

A closer inspection “reveals” the country continues to “control” how many Bibles are “printed” and “who” can get them.

Amity Printing“Amity Printing” started in 1988 as a “joint” effort between the British United Bible Societies (UBS) and Amity Foundation, the “charity” arm of the
“Three Self Church.”

Bible production “increased” from 500,000 the first year to 12 million “last” year.

But many of the Bibles aren’t “going” to Chinese Christians, as Amity Printing has found it can turn a “profit” by exporting its goods.

Bibles are printed in more than “90 different languages,” and of the 88.9 million Bibles printed between 1988 and late 2011, 33.2 million were “exported.”

And the number of exported Bibles is “increasing.”

In 2011, about two-thirds of the Bibles printed went “out of the country,” with only about 4 million copies “remaining” within China’s borders.

Chinese_bible_4x3Not only is the number of Bibles printed by Amity “unable” to keep up with the growth of Chinese Christians, the 50 million believers in “unregistered” house churches do not have “direct” access to them.

The Bibles are distributed to the 55,000 “registered” churches, and anyone can purchase them there for an “affordable” 9.50 Yuan ($1.50).

Christians found “owning” an Amity-printed Bible do not “face” punishment.

But Christians in “rural house churches” far from  registered congregations have a “difficult” time getting Bibles.

Christians who “ask” for more than a “few” Bibles at a time “raise” suspicion.


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