March 2013 Update

“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  I Corinthians 15:57

The tomb is empty!!  He is alive!! We give thanks and praise His holy Name for the miracle of Easter, God’s amazing grace.

May His peace and love bring you celebration and joy.

Rolf is back in China, but not without a rough start. He left here with a terrible cold – he probably wasn’t the most popular passenger on the flight and probably shouldn’t have been traveling! His flight was delayed causing him to miss his connection in Beijing to Xining and the next and last flight was full.

He had a special fare, non-refundable ticket on that flight and had to pay more than 2 times more for a new ticket for a flight in the morning. Then he had to haul his luggage to a hotel for the night. The good news, after finally arriving in Xining, he did get his old apartment back and (even though the school wanted him back by the 1st) his classes were not starting until the 18th so he had time to recover – and it took that long before he was feeling anywhere near well again!!

His teaching schedule is an adult class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings with 14 students. They come from all walks of life from Aviation Communication Engineer, Medical Doctor, Hospital Nurse, Business Merchant, Certified Public Accountant, Tour Guide Leader, IT Engineer, Interior Decorator, Human Resource Director, Business Owner and some University English Major Students. As varied as their professions are so is their English proficiency which makes lesson planning most interesting and definitely challenging.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons he has – Lord have mercy! – close to 200 middle school students. They come to these classes over and above their regular school classes during the week. The challenge here, beside the number of students is to keep the students interested and motivated since he has to teach with an outdated UK curriculum which the students find boring and do not like.

PRAY for Rolf as he prepares his own teaching material to supplement the class that will hopefully put some fun into the learning.

PRAISES – He has been able to start meeting again with his 3 boys from the university that he has been disciplining. They also continue to go to church together when they can – sometime the boys have school obligations on Sunday – and now they have asked if they can bring a couple more of their friends to their weekly meeting! Please pray for God to draw them to Himself.

PRAISE and thanksgiving for a special monetary gift that has made it possible for Rolf to buy 6 radios that are preloaded with Tibetan language Bible stories.

PRAY for safety when he delivers them during his rural village visits and for them to be heard by many whose lives will then be forever changed for Jesus!
The adventure continues and we are grateful for your love, support and prayers!

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