Collegiate Day of Prayer

Collegiate Day of Prayer sets goal to pray for every Campus in the US.

Throughout American history our colleges have been repeatedly blessed and transformed by intense seasons of spiritual awakening.

The early records of many of our best universities read like a virtual history of spiritual revival.

In fact, no other nation has ever enjoyed as many student awakenings for as many consecutive years as the United States of America.

For nearly a hundred years the Church in America observed a day of united prayer for God to awaken and revive our colleges.

At a time when the spiritual needs of our nation and world are so great, and so many are calling for more student prayer, is there any reason why this historic day of prayer should not continue?

Do you believe God wants to bring spiritual awakening to America’s colleges?

On Feb. 28, 2013, college students around the nation will unite for the Collegiate Day of Prayer, with the focus on spiritual awakening in universities.

The interdenominational leadership team has set a goal of having 2000 groups from every state in America adopt campuses in order to have someone praying by name for all of the 5,584 colleges in the nation.

Please join 2000 prayer groups across all 50 states to pray for every college campus in America on February 28th, 2013.

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