Chinese Baptism

Chinese Baptism 02Baptism is “risky” business for “believers” in China.

It is only “legal” for Christians to be baptized by a church “registered” with the Government, and in some parts of the country, only on Christmas and Easter.

When “house church” baptism services are “discovered,” police are often called … then come the “questions, arrests” and sometimes churches are “shut down.”

So, local believers have to be “tricky, sneaky” and “scheming” to baptize.

I recently heard the story that new believers “love” to celebrate Easter with a “baptism” service in a primitive concrete “pond” filled with luke warm water in a “public” place.

Since the risk of “discovery” is great one must be “stealth.”

When most people think of “stealthy,” they think, “move quickly and quietly; don’t draw attention to yourself.”

But these Chinese believers toke the “exact” opposite approach. Their “stealth” baptism service took “well” over an hour, including a lot of noise, laughter, splashing and waves.

The first “objective” was to get all of the other people at the public pool to “adjust” to the believers’ presence so they would “pay” less attention.

Chinese Baptism 04

Next, the house church “started” to play several “competitive” games. When they felt the other people were “acclimated,” they quickly congregate to one “side” of the pool.

Several believers then line up “shoulder-to-shoulder” and create a “visual” barrier between the other people. Two leaders stood behind the barrier “facing” each other. Then, one at a time, the new believers were “baptized” between the leaders.

Chinese Baptism 01

When the house church was finished and members were toweling off at the side of the pool, a curious man approached them.

He asked, “What a fun game you played. Were winners punishing the losers by drowning them under water?”

The believers laughed and one replied, “The Good News is that there are no losers among us. We are all winners.”

Chinese Baptism 03

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