January 2013 Update

Charitable Giving IncentivesVoicing Support for Charitable Giving Incentives
An important issue that is on center stage on Capitol Hill

Why is this an important issue now?

Our country is at an unprecedented point of deficit spending, a fiscal cliff looming at year-end, and anticipated tax reform. Recent proposals, from both Republicans and Democrats, to overcome some of these fiscal issues have included limitations or reductions in charitable giving incentives.

These proposals include caps, a floor, limitations on total itemized deductions, and replacing the charitable deduction with a credit.

While raising revenue, these proposals all decrease the incentives for charitable gifts. The net effect of this is to reduce the amount of funds givers are able to use for charitable giving.

ECFA has been working diligently on this issue on behalf of charities, churches and givers alike, but now we need your assistance.

What should you do?

If retaining current charitable giving incentives is important to you make your voice heard to your political leaders including the President, Senators, and Representative.

The most powerful communications are those which specify how a reduction in charitable giving incentives would modify giving. It is very helpful for elected officials to hear this directly from givers and charitable organizations as it helps illustrate the level of interest on this topic.

A sample of our communications on this issue is available here.

While this may be helpful in your communication, we encourage you to personalize your comments to your officials in emails, through their website, phone calls, social media or faxes.

For additional resources and information, including a helpful video visit www.PreserveGiving.org.

The video is ideal to forward to your supporters.

Charitable Giving Incentives 02

How do you go about voicing your support?

Contacting the White House:

Contacting your Senators:

Contacting your Representative:

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