Artistic Egg Creations

Wen Fuliang 06

Chinese Artist Wen Fuliang

Chinese artist Wen Fuliang, of Shaanxi Province, was laid off from his job ten years ago as a wood carver and turned to the unusual and skillful hobby of creating intricate sculptures from “egg shells” to make ends meet.

He uses chicken, goose and duck eggshells for his painstaking artistic creations carving out animal designs and places of interest, such as the iconic Dayan Pagoda in Xi’an.

Egg carving is done using a fine diamond bit on an electric rotary tool. The artist first sketches a design on the shell, which has been carefully emptied of the yolk and egg white with a syringe.

With the touch of a diamond cutter, Wen Fuliang then gently but securely hold the egg shell in one hand, the rotary tool in the other and slowly carves away the design in an incredibly time consuming and skillful process.

It takes a certain kind of steady nerve and hand eye coordination to bring one of these fragile masterpieces to the finish line.

The pictures below show the incredible sculptures carved from egg shells by Wen Fuliang:

Wen Fuliang 05

 Gentle: Each design is carefully mapped out using a pencil before carving begins

Eggshell Carving In Xi'an

Steady hand: Chinese carver Wen Fuliang creates intricate sculptures out of egg shells

Wen Fuliang 02

Detail: The artist displays his incredible work using a magnifying glass

Wen Fuliang 03  Artistry: This sculpture contains a brown egg shell within a white egg shell

Wen Fuliang 08Fragile beauty: Wen’s art often contains landmarks, such as the Dayan Pagoda in the city of Xi’an

Wen Fuliang 07

Nature: These egg shell sculptures show beautifully-recreated animals in their design

Absolutely amazing, intricate artwork. “Eggcellent!”

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