Snow Sculpture Festival

Jingyue Snow World Festival 11

Jingyue Snow World Festival

The “Jingyue Snow World” sculpture festival opened to tourists on Monday, December 24, 2012 at the Jingyuetan National Forest Park in Changchun, capital of northeast China’s Jilin Province.

The “Jingyue Lake National Forest Park” covers a massive 200 square kilometers and is famous for its picturesque scenery, magnificent mountains and thick forests with over 30 different tree species.

During winter the park becomes a place where numerous stunning “ice sculptures” are displayed.

The annual Jilin Province ice festival stuns its visitors with plenty of “frosty” masterpieces in various sizes and shapes.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 10

Disney style fairy Castle with Chinese Wall

Among this year’s exhibits one standout of ephemeral architecture is a detailed Disney-style fairy “castle” with the “Chinese Wall” at its foot.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 02

Sprawling stately Palace

A crystalline, sprawling stately “palace” and a life-size, intricately detailed “Russian” church were other fantastic examples of fragile architecture.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 03

Russian Church

In addition to the “dazzling” snow sculptures the Snow Paradise also boasted a herd of galloping “horses,” a huge ice “forest” and a “octopus” slide track; all painstakingly carved from huge amounts of compressed ice snow.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 05

Galloping Horses

A large team of skillful “craftsmen” with simple low-tech tools dedicated many hours of “time, patience and effort” in freezing temperatures well below zero to create these enormous size sculptures which required “high” levels of detailed “carving” skills.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 06

Skillful Craftsmen

After thousands of man hours in the making, the stunning “exhibit” was finally ready for the throngs of tourists at the grand opening of this “Winter” wonderland.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 08

Painstakingly Artistry

This annual ice festival has become a “must-go place” for curious visitors before winter melts.

Jingyue Snow World Festival 09

Detailed Carving Skills

Every year thousands of visitors make their way to Jingyuetan National Forest for the “Jingyue Snow World Festival” to admire the stunning yet “fragile” figures made from compressed ice snow.

Absolutely brilliant, stunning and beautiful! Very talented craftsman ship. Definitely worth a visit.


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