Christmas in China

Christmas in China 01

Christmas is getting more and more popular in China especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

However Christmas in China is celebrated differently from that in Western countries, especially popular among college students, who not only send Christmas cards and gifts to each other, but take it as a golden opportunity for lovers to spend a romantic time together.

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In addition, a number of supermarkets and superstores are decorated with evergreen Christmas trees, shining lights and tiny stuffs, some of which even hire men to impersonate Santa Claus for children accompanying their parents on shopping expeditions.

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated by Christians for the birth of Jesus Christ. Most Chinese people hardly know the true meaning of Christmas, but that doesn’t prevail Chinese to celebrate this holiday.

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Unlike Westerners who get together with families on Christmas day, the Chinese people consider Christmas a good chance for friends to get together at bars, coffee shops and restaurants since they have their own traditional festivals for families to get together during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and the Mid-Autumn Festival (sort of Thanksgiving).

Christmas in China 04

Chinese merchants regard it as a good opportunity for commercials, so every Chinese store tries its best to create a warm atmosphere for promoting its commodities during Christmas day, which indeed attracts more visitors than usual for its discounts and price reductions.

And sometimes it even gets nasty.

The village of Ruian in Zhejian Province is often called the “Christmas Village” because it makes Christmas products. It produced over $78 million worth of Christmas ornaments this year.

A small Xintan Village Church tried to host an outdoor Christmas party until police officials came and destroyed their equipment and harassed the people celebrating.

The deputy director of religious affairs, Zeng Jianhua, said: “We told them that any outdoors event of a religious nature is strictly banned from being organized, and that’s what it states in the government rule on religion.”

The video of the village celebration begins at 1:24. It shows police first cutting off the electricity to the stage, and then entering and arresting a man trying to take pictures. Police proceed onto the stage where two small fights are quickly broken up.

Christmas in China 02


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