August 2012 Update

Rolf arrived home safely and without incident and it has been a whirlwind ever since! It didn’t take long for him to get back in the swing of things. Besides catching up with family and friends there have been sports activities, parties of different kinds and Hot U, our church’s kids summer camp. Our 2 youngest grand kids came and stayed with us for the week so they could serve as youth helpers. Sherri worked in the nursery and in the afternoon when it was over Grandpa took over entertaining and spoiling them with fun things to do.  Overall it was a tiring – but a great week.

Coming up Rolf has been invited to speak at a couple of events about his time in China and the Tibetan area he lived in. Sherri and the team of women’s coaches she works with are preparing and gearing up for our church’s start up of the fall ministry season. The first week in September one of Rolf’s former students who is working in Virginia would like to come for a visit with us for a few days before he returns to China.  The company that our special friend Daisy works for has brought her back here from Shanghai for a 3 week stay to do some training and Sherri is grateful she has been able to spend some time with her.

With all these activities we have not had much time to spend together.  We are like 2 ships passing in the night – the good thing is we are at least for now docking in the same port!  A PRAYER REQUEST is we would find some time together – maybe even away somewhere for a few days.

Now the question many are asking is . . . is Rolf going back to China to teach?? And the answer is – Yes!  The Tuesday before he returned Sherri asked this question and the answer was, “I don’t know.”  O.K. SO WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THAT TUESDAY CALL AND WHEN HE ARRIVED BACK HOME ON SUNDAY????

Do you remember the police chief who processed Rolf and the other American teacher’s work permits –  and that same police chief who called later to find out how he was doing and wanted to see him before he left? Well, 2 days before leaving, police chief Jack took Rolf and another Chinese friend Jerry out to dinner. It turns out Jerry runs a large private school there and is looking for teachers.

Rolf met with him the next day and found out he is a Christian and would gladly have Rolf return to work for him! Rolf did ask if Jack was a Christian and he said, “No, not yet!. We will have to work on that when you get back!”  So he will leave October 1st to work for this new school. Before he flies out of Beijing to Xining he will stay long enough to attend the wedding of a former student who now owns a successful furniture and decorating business.

Recently Rolf received an email from Jack that read, “It’s a big big good news to meet u again in this October! And congratulations to u and Jerry! I am so happy you and Jerry can work together. I can guarantee that you will have a good time with Jerry and his team. Visa/residence permit can be extended when you signed contract with the school. The date will follow your contract. You can call me any time in our working hours. Have a good rest with your family. And hope you can invite your wife to come to Xining.”

So the adventure continues. . .


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