June 2012 Update

Testing and grading and then another school year comes to a close. Rolf will be home July 8th. After an especially challenging year he is ready for a break. And there are those of us here at home who are ready for him to return. There is the granddaughter who says “Yay” he will be here for her birthday and another granddaughter disappointed because he wasn’t here for hers but she has plans for him to take her to Great America and Magic Waters. Then there is Sherri who is just ready for him to come home for a while!

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16
PRAY he will finish strong and that God will be glorified! Even though we have not seen “numbers” of those giving their life to Christ, we trust that God will use the opportunities Rolf has had and the materials he has been able to leave behind to draw many to Himself. A couple of weeks ago he got a voicemail from the police chief asking him to call back – the very same police chief that made the decision whether Rolf would stay or be expelled when he wasn’t registered in time! Rolf called him back to find that it was a friendly call and he just wanted to know how he was doing and how things were going at the school. He told Rolf to be sure and stop by and see him before he left. Rolf told him the reason he couldn’t answer the phone when he called was because he was at church. He then asked a lot of genuinely interested (not the interrogating kind!) questions like if he went regularly and what do they do in church – Rolf told him he should come with him sometime!

In a follow up conversation the police chief told him that he couldn’t go to church with him since he has to work on Sundays, but maybe they could get together and just talk about “it”. Rolf is trying to arrange a time to meet and if that doesn’t work he will go to the police station to see him because he wants to give him one of the booklets “An Anchor For Your Soul” which, if he reads it, will tell him why he goes to church.

Jesus said in Mark 6:31 “Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”  
We are very humbled and grateful that we get to do what we do. We are also so grateful for how God provides the means through all those that support us with prayer and financially to be able to go AND to be able to maintain our home base here. Because of this we are able to open our home and provide a place of rest and renewal for other Christian workers. This is through a ministry called Makahiki Ministries Hospitality Homes International based in California.

The end of this month we have a pastor and his wife from Iowa staying with us. They will be coming from a conference in Pennsylvania and will stay for a week as she said “to continue our refocus and refreshment on the Word and on each other”. In July we have a Minister of Music and Education and his wife from New Mexico coming to stay for a week. And in August a missionary family of 4 on home leave will be coming and staying for 10 days. God is good and we are so blessed by all of you and very happy and thankful to be able to give a little back through this ministry. Thanks!

Our prayer for you is your summer will be filled with family, friends, fun and a time for spiritual and physical renewal.


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