May 2012 Update

Here it is May already and it has been a crazy, hectic month as May always seems to be — at least for Sherri on the home front! The women’s ministry season winds down with meetings and celebrations (wonderful celebrations of what God has done through the year), plans for summer and a looking ahead with expectation of what He will do when we “officially” start up again.

Along with that are the grand kids school concerts and sporting events – for Sherri that usually involves driving either one hour north or almost two hours south, but it is worth every mile!! And then there is the unexpected – drives to Rockford to visit our 11 year old granddaughter Brittany who was in the hospital with pneumonia. She is home now and back to school but still recovering. Please PRAY for her health. She also suffers from migraines and stomach problems and we are praying for the doctors to be able to determine what’s causing them so they can be best treated.

For Rolf it has just been a crazy, hectic and challenging year – but he preserves! He has large classes, and his class is one that the students are required to take but they don’t receive a grade for it and so most of them are not motivated. Then he has his small class of 11students that are in a special program to raise their academic English skills so they can pass the ACT college entrance exam to enter western universities after they graduate. The English level in this program is above their English skills so they struggle and half of them failed the first test and have to repeat the fundamental class again. “One sows and another reaps” John 4:37

Witnessing has also been a challenge, at least from our human perspective. These are high school students that go home every night unlike where he was before where the university students lived on campus and it was much easier to interact with them. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest”. Gal.6:9 So we press on trusting. . .

A little history about Christianity where Rolf is and the church he attends – in 1888 missionaries came to the Qinghai region (the province where Xining is) and in 1891 began the construction of Christian churches. British workers from the China Inland Mission founded the Christian Church where Rolf goes. In 1958 it was closed and all its pastors were sent to labor camps as rightists. It finally reopened in 1981 with only about 40 believers left in Xining. Today the city has 6,780 believers but they are mostly older with very few young people. Realize, too, we are talking 6,780 believers in a city of about 4.4 million people. Please continue to PRAY for good health, stamina and God to soften and open hearts of these precious people who need Jesus.

With much thanks and gratitude for your joining us on this exciting journey!

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