September 2011 Updates

Rolf was accepted for the position to teach and direct the English curriculum program!  But it is now all about the paperwork needed to apply for a visa to get there.  After endless waiting and many emails, finally an email came the school saying that it had been sent and “you should have received it by now”  — but where was it?  According to the post office it had been delayed and said looked like it had been caught in a machine because when it did arrive it arrived dirty and tattered.  O.K. so now the paperwork is here let’s just get to the Chinese consulate in Chicago and get the visa!  Rolf made the trip downtown only to learn the school did not send all the necessary papers required for the visa!  So we are basically back at square one waiting and hopefully not as long..

As we wait we will tell you a little about this place he will be going.  Xining is in the Qinghai Province which is an ethnic minority region located high in the Tibetan Plateau, quite different from where he was before.  Xining is a medium-sized city with a population of 4.04 million at the high plateau altitude of 7,500 feet.  The city is surrounded by two big mountain ranges—Qilian in the north and Tanggula in the south. What makes the physical feature of the region unique is those two major Chinese waters, the Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers both originate here, one from the southwest slope of the main peak of Tanggula and the other one from northern slope of Bayanhar.

The inhabitants are made up of different native ethnic people including the Amdo Tibetans, the Hui, the Tu, the Salar, and the Mongolians.  Xining offers all the conveniences of a city, but still has a small-town feel because of the friendliness and hospitality of her people.  Here Rolf can enjoy local foods like handmade noodles, mutton and yak or Western food like KFC or Casa Mia (a popular Italian restaurant). There are even a couple of import stores where he can purchase foods like imported cheeses, cereals, coffee and even Pop Tarts!  (Pop Tarts – well, we could do without those!)

The delicacies in Qinghai cuisine are largely related to the special native products of the region. For example, the bear’s paw, the Chinese caterpillar fungus, the ox and sheep tendon are often used as ingredients. The Xining Restaurant is the most famous restaurant specializing in local flavors. It is believed that there are over 80 dishes which are highly appreciated by foreign tourists. Sounds yummy doesn’t it!

While Rolf waits at home Sherri will be taking off for a week with her long time Bible study friends as a guest of one of the members to her home in Kiawah Island. SC.  A special group of ladies enjoying some great fellowship together, some R ‘n R and time with the Lord.

Please PRAY for the right paperwork needed for Rolf’s visa to come through without any more delays and for patience in the waiting.

We are extremely grateful for your prayers and partnership.  Thank you!

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