August 2011 Updates

God’s timing is always perfect —– even in the things we don’t necessarily want!!

Rolf was home, not in China, Hot U (our church’s summer camp) was over, the grandkids were gone, Strider the dog was back home with his family, the house had been cleaned, the laundry done and then Sherri ended up in the emergency room and learned that her appendix and gallbladder had to go. What! That wasn’t on the calendar!!

The day before this Sherri had a bad stomach ache after eating some cake and ice cream for lunch and thinking that sure was a bad choice, must have been all that chocolate on the cake! The next morning when it hadn’t gone away or even subsided she knew something wasn’t right. Rolf took her to the hospital and she spent the morning being tested with results showing a bad appendix and gall stones. By the late afternoon appendix and gall bladder gone! Removed!

Rolf turned out to be a great nurse discovering skills he didn’t know he had except that cooking was not one of them he had or developed! So we are especially grateful for all the meals that were brought to us. For all that knew and prayed for us, for all the cards, phone calls and visits, Thank You! There is no better medicine for healing than having friends that show they care. Finally over 3 weeks later Sherri started finally feeling “normal” again.

This did alter some of our plans. We were disappointed this prevented Sydney and Trey, our grandchildren from being able to spend a few days with us before they left to go off to school. We were also planning on spending some time just the two of us getting away with some day or overnight trips. Since Rolf returned it had been a busy month catching up with family and friends. In July we also had Sean and Brittany, our two youngest grandchildren here for the week of Hot U, our church’s summer camp for grade schoolers. (Although she would want all to know, Brittany is now a middle schooler so she came as a youth helper this year!). While they were at camp Sherri worked in the nursery for the mom volunteers with babies. When we got home Rolf graciously took the grandchildren out for some more fun stuff giving Sherri a rest. It was a win win for everyone!

Now we are waiting to see if Rolf will be leaving again for China for another teaching position. He has applied for a Director’s teaching position in Xining, Qinghai Province which is an ethnic minority region located high in the Tibetan Plateau. The school is looking for a Westerner to direct the English curriculum program to raise Chinese high school student academic English skills enabling them to pass the ACT college entrance exam and enter Western universities after graduation. Please PRAY with us if it be God’s will for this position, or perhaps another, or if He wants Rolf to be home this year and minister to his students and friends from here.

We’ll let you know. . . . and thank you always for your prayers, love and support. 

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