July 2011 Updates

June 30th Rolf arrived home – 3 hours late! – but safe. He is now catching up with family, friends and with doctors appointments and getting adjusted back to the US time zone. It is good to be home, but those good-byes are hard. China has definitely become his second home. However we trust the work God started there will continue. There were new students coming to church with Rolf right up to his last Sunday he was there. PRAY for all those hearts God touched to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus’ love.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”  II Timothy 2:2

PRAY especially for Vincent. Once he made a decision to follow Jesus he became an eager disciple. He started inviting his friends to go to church. Beside going to church together and doing Bible study, Vincent pretty much went everywhere with Rolf. Rolf left some of the Anchor for the Soul books with him so he can now use them to invite and disciple his friends. This was the book that Vincent read that brought him to his decision to follow Jesus. He sent an email that said, “Glad to get useful stuffs from you!  I can share the Anchor for the Soul (Chinese version) with other Chinese Christians. . . .See you Sunday morning. Miss you”.  This is so exciting – he has gone from an eager disciple to an eager discipler!

All the technology we have now makes it pretty easy to keep in contact. There is always email but now with Skype cell phones one doesn’t even have to use the computer to talk AND the calls to and from China are as if it they were just a local call!  So Rolf is frequently getting and making calls and receiving and sending emails with his students.

As one of Rolf’s classes was coming to an end this is an email he received from one of this students who couldn’t take the final speech exam because of a conflict with another class. “Dear Rolf, This is Aaron, and this is my private e-mail. Please forgive me for my absence of your speech exam. But I really happy to meet you, not only for a teacher but also for a friend. I have to admit that I’m a sensitive boy so that I can hardly believe others easily. And from China Daily, I guess you have know some details about our society. In that case, I don’t have too many close friends.  However, thank god to let me become a friend of you. I really happy to say my own problem for you advice. And you can always make me see the hope, and cheer me up. That is vital important to me. Thank you very much. …Hope to keep in touch with you.  Yours, Aaron

Aaron was a student that went to church with Rolf but never made a decision to follow Jesus. PRAY that he would find that hope that he mentioned in his email and find his joy in Christ.

The good-byes don’t end in China. In a few weeks we will be saying good-bye to our two oldest grandchildren, Trey and Sydney. They will be leaving to go out west to school – Trey to a business school and Sydney to college.  Where does the time go………

Thank you always for your prayers, love and support. 


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