Counseling aimed at reducing divorces

Experts suggest offering marriage classes to students. In the hope of lowering China’s soaring divorce rate, love counseling will be offered in offices where couples go in Beijing to end their marriages.

“Professionally trained social workers will offer free services, including love mediation and legal aid, to help couples resolve marital strife and seek solutions other than divorce,” said Gu Xiuqin, director-general of the China Association of Social Workers’ marriage and family-affairs committee.

A non-governmental organization named the China Marriage and Family Affairs Consulting and Research Center will train the workers, and the Weiqing International Chain Group Co Ltd, the first marriage and finance firm in China, will carry out the plan.

“The project will go forward in at least five districts in Beijing this year,” said Shu Xin, director of the research center. “We are now discussing details with the districts’ departments of civil affairs.”

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