House churches cannot politicize religion

The police on Sunday stopped an illegal meeting of a group of Christians in Beijing’s ZhonGuanCun area, which is under their remit to maintain social order. However, once again, the move has been seen by Western media as being a major event.

As is widely known, Chinese laws are clear that every religious group in China needs legal registration. However, this “house church” is unregistered. To be exact, it is not a legal group. However, since religious issues are involved in this sensitive matter, the Chinese government has adopted a tolerant attitude toward “house churches.” By maintaining a low profile, these “house churches” are clear about their illegal status.

No matter the rationale, the public gathering of this group inappropriate. The location of their gathering was not a religious site. With the many passers-by around, it had become a public disturbance. Even open churches in China would not behave in this manner.

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