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Trust vital for Straits military ties

Authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits should explore the possibility of building a military security mechanism of mutual trust, formally end hostilities and reach a peace agreement, according to a white paper on China’s national defense issued on Thursday.

It is the first time for the biennial white paper, issued by the State Council Information Office, to mention such a mechanism, proposed by President Hu Jintao in late 2008.

Although cross-Straits economic and business ties have boomed during the past three decades – with mainland investment from the island topping more than $200 billion – the two sides have yet to establish military contact. Taiwan has repeatedly expressed concern over the mainland’s military deployment across the Straits, according to media reports.

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The Information Office of China’s State Council on Thursday issued a white paper titled China’s National Defense in 2010. Following is the full text of the document:  China’s national defense in 2010

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