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March 2011 Update

Rolf arrived back in China safely and hit the ground running! He arrived on a Saturday the 19th of February and school started Monday, the 20th.  He has a full schedule with 4 morning classes. Two of those classes are on Tuesdays when he takes an early morning school bus to another campus of the university. He also has 4 evening classes, two of which are classes teaching the new Chinese English teachers his teaching methods. Some of his classes are 70+ students, over 400 students in all – a lot of names to remember and a lot of papers to grade! Friday evenings are spent doing English corners and Saturday mornings he teaches German to a local business woman.

“I lift my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1)

This makes for a long week of teaching and not much free time nor has he had the energy to return to the gym to take care of himself. Other than time, there is no problem connecting with the students. In fact they are pursuing him. An example of this is this text he received from a student recently, “Good morning Professor Rolf, I am the boy who talked about Obama with you yesterday night. First, thanks for your willingness after class to help us English learners. As you can see we learn it diligently. I’d like to dialogue more with you if you are available. I wanna know more about the USA and perhaps we can be very good friends. All the best wished to you, good work and good day up.”

He is bombarded with text messages and phone calls from students who want to make friends or practice their English. With this heavy schedule please PRAY Rolf can keep his focus on his calling and that God would give him discernment with which students he should be spending time. PRAY for his energy, health and strength to do that.  He is feeling a bit weary right now.

Many of the students are also eager to help him. After one of his first introductory classes a student wrote him, “Hi Professor Rolf: I am the student who gave you a letter after class two days ago. I said I love your teaching style and want to share my food with you because you are not interest in cooking. I think it is not convenient for you to buy something you need because of language barrier. But I would love to help if you want…At last, I am glad to meet my first English professor. I could not wait to communicate with you if possible!”

Apparently some other students are also concerned with Rolf’s lack of interest in cooking because 4 of them came to his apartment last Sunday and cooked dinner for him. It was a fun evening and a good time of getting to know each other. They had earlier all gone to church with Rolf and so when they came over he was able to give them the Jesus bracelet and the “An Anchor the Soul” book.  PRAY they will get to know Him as they continue to learn more about Jesus.

We are thankful things at home are going smooth, at least right now, but it still can be tough being separated. We are very thankful and grateful for all the support Sherri has from family and friends. It relieves Rolf’s mind to know she is being cared for. YOU, our team are the reason we can do what we do and we love you, And glory to God for He is the reason we all do what we do!

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