January 2011 Update

It’s Chinese New Year/Semester Break and Rolf is home! On the 20th we will take off for Florida for some R ‘n R time together. So please PRAY for safe travel – we will be driving – maybe you could pray for some warm weather, too!! We are so blessed and thankful that every year we get to stay at Sherri’s brother and sister-in-law’s beautiful lake house just outside Gainesville.

Rolf will be returning to China on February 18th but not back to the same school. Instead he will be returning to his old university! After the disappointment of them not able to get a work permit for him to come back — because of a “change in the Foreign Affairs Bureau” — they now have been able to get one. For the LORD Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? (Isaiah 14:27) Since he has been back in China the school had pursued him to come and teach a class here and there but because of Rolf’s heavy work schedule he has always had to turn them down.

He has been very unhappy and disappointed in the language school that he has been at so he couldn’t be more delighted or happy to return to his former university full-time – where he had wanted to be in the first place. The university already has him moved into the apartment they provide on campus. He will be back to teaching 16 hours a week instead of the 22 hours he had been and with students who are eager and want to learn. They are so pleased with Rolf they have also asked him to teach the new “Chinese English Teachers” his teaching methods. Think about that – Rolf a Swiss and not a teacher by profession teaching English teachers how to teach!! We do feel very privileged that God has chosen us to bring His light to the lost in China. The school also wants to make connections with some US universities to set up an exchange program and have asked Rolf to help with that.

He is leaving behind some students that will be disappointed that he is not returning. In spite of difficulties and students not motivated he still was able to made some connections and 22 students made decisions for Christ. For his classes that were graduating at the end of this semester along with their grades he boldly handed out the booklet, “An Anchor for the Soul”. He didn’t get booted out of China and in fact after he did that 6 students texted and asked to go to church with him that following Sunday and did! He will still be going to the same church and will still be able to have contact with them.

For now we are just enjoying being back together and looking forward to some time away. Rolf is also looking forward to spending some time with family when we get back. While he is gone Sherri takes care of the household and paying bills but while he is here Rolf needs to get caught up on updating finances and getting things in order. The time will go by quickly.

Glad you are along on this great adventure with us. We couldn’t do it without you!!

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