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October 2010 Update

Rolf may be called upon at his school to become the social director. Kidding! He did have a birthday October 15th and he threw a party. Rolf doesn’t cook and taking everyone out to a restaurant would be expensive so he had an idea. He went to the nearby cooking school and was able to hire three of the future chefs to come to his apartment to prepare dinner. With a student he shopped local bakeries for the “perfect” birthday cake and then invited friends and faculty to come. More than 25 showed up to celebrate with him. The party was a success. Everyone had a marvelous time and the food was so good the cooks got a standing ovation when they left. The faculty so enjoyed spending time together and getting to know each other they decided they should do something at least monthly from now on.

This was also a nice diversion for Rolf as he is pretty exhausted with teaching 22 hours a week with each class averaging about 40 students. He also has taken a job teaching a Chinese business woman German lessons on Saturday mornings. The school adds to the challenge by constantly changing his classes around which takes the order out of a day for a person who likes to work with order!

The other challenge is just the students themselves. It is very difficult to teach students that are not motivated to learn. He has maybe only 3 or 4 good students in each class. But Rolf keeps a positive attitude trusting that God will continue to use him as an instrument to change lives for the Kingdom.

This past week he did have 3 students that went to church with him. One of the boys has been asking Rolf for several weeks if he was still going to church and Rolf kept telling him yes and if he wanted to go to meet him at the bus stop. Finally he came with his girlfriend (also one of Rolf’s students) and another boy. After church they had to get back to school for exams (Sunday is just another day like any other in China) so there was no chance for lunch and discussion. PRAY they will want to know more and will come back.

Other things we ask for you to be praying about are —
The students can only leave campus on Saturdays and Sundays. Many of the exams are given on Sundays and Rolf would like to start a “discussion” group so PRAY for an ideal time – and the right timing.
For Rolf’s strength and stamina with all his teaching hours
He has been experiencing constant pain in his back and his right knee. PRAY for relief. Thought we were done with all that!
To come up some creative teaching techniques to motivate his students.
For God to be glorified!

Sherri got a delightful surprise last week when our Chinese friend, Daisy called to say she was back in town. She works for an American company in Shanghai and was here at the beginning of the year for a 3 month stay. Her company has brought her back to work for another 2 ½ months and Sherri is so excited to have her back again. Please PRAY Sherri will be able to spend some good quality time with her and God would get a hold of her heart while she is here.

We are so grateful for you, your love, support and prayers. Together we can make a difference!

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