June 2010 Update

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21 NIV The answer from Rolf’s school in China finally came – only not the answer we were expecting or hoping for. We don’t believe God has closed the door to China, so for now we trust as we pursue other options and wait for a “new thing.”

“See, the former things have taken place and new things I dictate.” Isaiah 42:9 NIV Meanwhile Rolf’s new right knee needs some tweaking and he will be going back for more surgery Friday, June 18th. This will be an outpatient arthroscopic surgery to hopefully find and fix what has been causing the discomfort Rolf has been experiencing since he had the replacement. After that he will be back in physical therapy (it’s beginning to be like a second home there!) three times a week for about 4 weeks.

PRAY with us for this new opportunity we wait for in China and for a successful knee surgery.

June means HOT U Jr our church’s summer camp for preschoolers and one of Sherri’s favorite things to be a part of. She will be leading a group of six 3 year olds for a week of high energy fun, games, singing and learning about Jesus. Do you know when one is leading 3 year olds one can get away with acting like a kid again. Well, it’s true. In fact it is in the manual “Have fun & participate” so it should be lots of fun for everyone!

A couple of months ago we asked if you would pray for our special Chinese friend, Daisy who was sent here to work by the American company that employs her in Shanghai. Her 3 month stay has finished and she is back home. Our prayer was for her to have opportunities to meet and fall in love with Jesus. God did answer that prayer, but not all of it –yet. She did get an introduction to Jesus. She attended, for the very first time, church with us and she also went with someone from her company to their church. She went with us to a beautiful wedding that honored God. There she heard of his love for us and how marriages can be strong when grounded on the firm foundation of Christ’s love.

Along with that we gave her a great little book, in the Chinese version, called “Ultimate Questions”. The book asks questions like does God exist? Who am I? What’s the purpose of life? And gives answers in a simple, clear and direct way. Great Gospel presentation and it comes in many languages – want more info on it let us know.

So again we ask if you would PRAY for Daisy that she would reread the book and God would bring to mind some of the things she saw and heard while she was here and would stir her heart to seek Him. With thanksgiving and love.


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