March 2010 Update

February 16th, same type of surgery, same hospital, same surgeon, but oh what a different recovery!! Even with Rolf’s bowed leg that made the surgery of his left knee replacement a little more complicated, the recovery has been so much easier. When he was brought to his room after surgery the difference was evident — he was awake, pretty alert and hungry!

After 3 nights in the hospital he was again transported to Marionjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. They only had a semi-private room for him which was a concern as Rolf has had difficulty with sleeping since his first surgery. The first night he was alone and after leaving Delnor Hospital where one is woke up every hour it seems to check “vitals”, he looked forward to a good night of rest. However — until they could order a cold gel pack to put on his knees (to help relieve swelling) he was given just regular ice packs. His peaceful sleep was interrupted abruptly at 2am when one broke completely soaking him and his bed! So much for a good night’s sleep.

His “roommate” arrived late the next afternoon and Sherri knew after a few hours when she heard the nurse telling him, no he wasn’t in the lobby he was in a semi private room that this was not a good sign. It was not a good night for Rolf and an even worse night for the other man. All night the man caused disturbances and Rolf did not sleep a wink. By the time Sherri got there the next morning Rolf had been moved to a private room and now he could get the rest and healing he needed. After only a week he was released to come home. He is back doing outpatient therapy 3 times a week and is already driving himself. He still does have the healing pain and the physical therapy pain so don’t stop praying!

We are so, so appreciative for all the love, care, concern, meals, cards and notes that we have received and especially for all the prayers lifted on our behalf. How awesome and what a blessing it is to belong to the family of God and be so cared for.

Where do we go from here? We thought Florida would be a good place! So we plan on driving down the middle of April for a few weeks. We will stay at Sherri’s brother’s lake house outside of Gainesville. It is a perfect spot for some rest and relaxation on a beautiful lake, secluded, quiet and peaceful. We will also take the opportunity to visit some friends in various parts of the state. Please PRAY for safe travel and for our time together and the rest we need.

Another PRAYER request is for our special Chinese friend, Daisy. We met her on one of our trips a few years ago and fell in love with her. She is employed by an American company in Shanghai and they have brought her here for 3 months to work. We are so excited she is here and we pray that while she is here she will meet and fall in love with Jesus.

Please PRAY for opportunities for this to happen and for God to open her heart.

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