October 2009 Update

The date is set. Rolf’s total knee replacement surgery is scheduled for December 15th at Delnor Community Hospital. After discussing options with his doctor Rolf has decided to have one knee replaced at a time. After surgery he will have in home rehab therapy 2 times a week for 2 weeks. Then there will be a few more weeks of going to a rehab facility for therapy. If his recovery goes well the other knee replacement surgery will be done 6 weeks from the time of the first one. So by the middle/end of March — perfect timing after the cold of winter and when the snow and ice will be melting away and the flowers will be popping up — he should be ready for taking those walks with Sherri! — and most importantly to be rid of the excruciating pain he has experienced for so long. PRAY that all goes well, peace for Rolf (Sherri too!) and for a quick recovery.

Many of Rolf’s students are emailing telling him how they are doing and that they are praying for his surgery. God has used Rolf to bring them to a relationship with Jesus and now these students are praying for him. What a blessing that is! One student wrote, “I am so glad to receive your reply. Now I am deeply thankful God for letting us to be good brothers and meeting in Shijiazhuang. Thank you for giving me advice just like lots of water when in hot places. I need to pray, need to listen carefully, need to think deeply. As the climate is becoming colder and colder, you should keep warm for your knee. Wish God be with you everything goes well. Please let me know the exact surgery date, I will ask my brothers and sisters to pray for you.” He goes on to say, “Thank you for giving me the life information about Bible studying that is my desire. I want to follow.”

Last month we wrote about James, the Chinese student with the questions that Rolf had met before James returned to China. There was another student, Jordan, that was with him. Jordan was there during the questioning time and he seemed to have all the answers. In fact Rolf thought he might be a Christian. He now is emailing Rolf. He does not believe and has questions, many of them, questioning how we can know if there is a God and how do we know the Bible is true. PRAY with Rolf for God’s words and that God would “call him (Jordan) out of the darkness into his wonderful light” (I Peter 2:9) and that he would believe and come to faith in Christ.

An update on the computer issue — We are very appreciative that funds have been provided for the purchase of a new laptop computer AND a donation of the new version of some of the programs, with help installing them. Praise God!! We are very grateful to those that helped. Please continue to PRAY for our granddaughter, Brittany and her mom. Debbie still is not working and their living conditions have not gotten any better. We are very concerned.

Thank you for your prayers!


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