September 2009 Update

Even with the absence of summer like weather, fall still comes and with it the new season start up of our church’s community groups. They are led by leaders whose goal for their group members and themselves is spiritual transformation and life change to be more like Christ. As a coach we are there to encourage, support, as a resource and to pray for them. It is a privilege to work alongside these leaders. Please PRAY for Sherri to be sensitive to the needs of her leaders and to have a spirit led shepherd’s heart.

Now and during the year when new women are interested in joining our Wednesday morning groups Sherri has been the connections person getting them into a group. It is a fun job that she enjoys. With the start up of community groups she also begins working again in Kids Zone (our childcare) for the moms in our Tuesday morning groups and once a month on Thursdays for our Women 2 Women groups. This year she is working in the nursery with the “crawlers” It’s just the best job!!

October also means Medicare insurance for Rolf and the start up of the preliminary testing necessary before his total knee replacement surgery for both knees in November. (If you didn’t know before you know now how young, as Rolf likes to say, he will be on October 15th.) After it is all over Sherri is looking forward to being able to take walks together again.

Rolf continues to hear from his Chinese students. It is so encouraging to hear how many of them are growing in their faith. One student, after feeling the competitive pressure of school and the indecision of what to do wrote in an email, “but most important thing I learned in these days is I know more about God. I always lost my confidence and feel hopeless in the former days, but I know the God will guide me now whenever what will happen and I can accept any result and will not lose my confidence.” Praise God!!

Rolf was called a few weeks ago to help in answering some questions a Chinese student had before he left to go back to China. He had been here for 4 weeks and had been introduced to church and to the Gospel. Rolf talked to him, answered questions and gave him a book by Billy Graham called “Knowing God Personally”. He didn’t make a decision to follow Christ, but said he would read the book. There has been an exchange of emails with Rolf and in the last one he said, “I am really appreciate for you to answer my question. You are so patient that you answer my question so clearly. Do you know why I begin to thirst Jesus. At the beginning I wonder if there is a God really exist in the world? If the person who let me to believe Jesus has some purpose? But when I went to Cilley home (people he was staying with), I can really feel they are warm hearted. They do not want to make money or cheat you. They just give me the opportunity to know Christian. Now I really think that Christian can make you feel peace and abundant. Although I do not know much about Holy Bible I will keep reading the book you give me. While I am reading I will think about why I come to the world and where I would go after I died. I am in central south university now. It is the best college in Hu Nan province. So I could not go to the church in Beijing now. I will go to the internet to search for a Christian church nearby. I hope as time went by one day I will really understand what the Bible says.” His English name is James. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13. PRAY for James.


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