It is good to be home…

It is good to be home after spending the last eleven months teaching at a University in China. As many of you may know I blog from time to time when I am at home. If you wondered why there were no blog updates since July of last year the reason lies behind the fact that in China all my web blogs were blocked so I couldn’t update them.

I hope to start soon again to post as time gets a little less hectic and I have settled back in to life in America. If you want to follow up on ministry activities you can go to our web blog “China – In His Image” where I frequently post sensitive China matters and read firsthand about what’s up in our lives. If you subscribe to the blog (which is free) then you will be automatically informed by email every time we update the site. On the right-hand side of the blog you can click and read in detail about my favorite pastime “God & Golf Tee-ology”, or pray with us for China at “Pray for China Daily”.

As the Lord may lead you to pray daily for China think of the great task to which you are committing yourself, rejoice in that China will continue to wake up spiritually and that many dark places will joyfully receive the good news of Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoy browsing the web blogs and keep up to date what God is doing in our lives as we serve Him.


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