June 2009 Update

Rolf is finished with his classes, the grades are in, the paperwork is finished and turned in for all his 300 students. He is now on a once in a lifetime 10 day trip to Tibet. He will return just before school actually ends for the students. He plans to open his apartment to spend some quality time and say good bye to those students and others who have regularly attended church with him. His prayer is he will finish strong and close things well. One of his students after going to church with some other students and to lunch after wrote in an email, “Thanks for lunch yesterday. I am really happy to have lunch with you. I can’t bear losing you. I think you are the best teacher in the world. Wish you have a pleasant journey and return back to China soon. Please give my regards to your family and friends.”

Here is another email he received from a former student from two years ago. He was a leader in the Communistic Youth Group and wanted to be a lawyer. He accepted Christ and then had to leave the CYG. Today he is studying in a university for his law degree. He said, “How are you doing these days? I miss you so much! Here I always go to church and pray for you. Every time I have been in church I thought of you, I thought you must be in church too. So I am glad I can speak to you through Lord. Give my best wishes to all your family member.”

Goodbyes are hard, but we trust the work God started there will continue. Two more students made decisions for Christ before Rolf left on his trip. And now some students are asking for Bibles so they can give it to a friend, but the ones he brought have all been given away. PRAY they will continue to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and evermore! Amen. (II Peter 3:18) — and PRAY that they continue to invite and bring their friends to church.

Rolf will then be returning home on July 9th and Sherri is waiting with open arms – literally! – and anxious to hear all the stories and to see all the photos of students he has talked about and to celebrate together all God has done.

We hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer and are staying cool. We are so very grateful and thankful for your partnership with us in the harvest fields of China. You are making a difference!

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