May 2009 Update

May seems to be the month of “wrapping things up.” School is ending and that means final tests, final school programs, concerts and sports events and a lot of driving trying to attend as many of our grandchildren as possible.. At church the scheduled weekly woman’s Community Groups finished up and that means working in Kids Zone (the church’s childcare) also ends until fall. But for Sherri there is still plenty going on in the summer months. As part of the woman’s coaching team they are planning and doing some fun activities as they continue building relationships and equipping the leaders. She is again looking forward to in June leading a group of 3 year olds at HOT U Jr, the church’s summer camp for 3-5 year olds. It is an exhausting week but oh so fun.

Two of Rolf’s classes finished up a couple of weeks ago with their final exams which means a lot of paperwork, grading and making reports for the school. His last two classes finish mid June with a few more weeks after that to finalize everything and say his good-byes which are always hard.

We praise God for, in spite of the tightened security, how He has used Rolf and kept him and the students he has interacted with on a spiritual level safe. We are so grateful for all your prayers and support and for all that donated for the NIV study Bibles he took with him. All 65 plus have been given out. The students are so happy and grateful to get them. PRAY those that have received them will grow in their understanding and love of Jesus through studying His word.

“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:47)

A couple of follow ups — Back in March we told you about the three students that went to church with Rolf and after the service two of them prayed with him on the church steps — and so then what ever happened to that third student? — shortly after he also made a decision to be a follower of Jesus! Another student took a picture of him standing in front of the church with his new NIV study Bible and emailed it to Rolf with the message, “I really enjoyed talking with you, what’s more, I’m very interested in God. I do hope we can keep in touch and exchange our ideas on that.” He is now, too, a brother in Christ!

Last month we wrote about the girl with her friend that had the Bible that was difficult for her to read. They did come to Rolf’s apartment/office and he found out they and their parents were already believers. The Bible she had was an old Chinese version so he did give them each a NIV study Bible which will make it easier for them to read and understand.

He has had former students from two years ago come back to town and go to the church looking for him. There are former students asking if he still goes to church and can they (now) come with him. And the best part is seeing students he has brought to church now coming and bringing their friends. All Glory to God!!

“You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have make them to be a kingdom and priests to serve God, and they will reign on the earth.” (Revelation 4:9-10)

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