September 2008 Update

So – how were the Olympics? was the question Sherri emailed Rolf about his experience as a foreign volunteer. His answer back was, “Incredible, unforgettable, inspiring, exquisite, beyond all dreams or whatever I expected. When I didn’t work at the Bird Nest (National Stadium) opening and closing ceremonies, then I was assigned to the German Olympic team members at their headquarters at the Kaminski Hotel taking care of every need they had in regards to entertainment, sightseeing, cultural calendars, etc. I also worked the Triathlon venue (changing stations) and Marathon (water stations). Awesome, simply awesome. I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe my feelings.”

And you may ask how about the evangelistic opportunities, — well, because of the extremely tight security at the Olympics he had to show God’s love rather than be able to talk much about it.

Rolf was welcomed by former students and teachers when he arrived back at the University. Also returning to the church he attended, he was embraced by the pastors and congregation, all happy to see that he had returned.

He has a full teaching schedule which includes English major freshman, sophomores and post graduate students as well as a business class. Unfortunately he started the semester with a very nasty cold/cough that he can’t seem to shake. Then one of the other foreign English teachers had to temporarily return to the States sadly because of an car accident involving his mother. While he is gone his classes are being split up between Rolf and the one other foreign English teacher adding to both of their already heavy schedules.

There will be a break! Hopefully this will give him time to fully recover from that cold. October 1st is the National Day of China, the day the Chinese commemorate the communist revolution that established the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The Chinese like to celebrate so instead of just taking one day off they will take off the whole week! Rolf is planning to go with some students to the nearest seaside for a little R and R and fun and interaction with his students.

We ask for your prayers as Rolf doesn’t feel the same freedom that he had on his last trip. The security on the campus has been heightened and he has frequently been questioned and checked on as to what he is doing in and outside the classroom.


* Rolf would keep his eyes firmly fixed on Jesus

* for godly wisdom and discernment in all of his activities

* for his health and safety

* for comfort and peace for the teacher (and his family) whose mother died

* for Sherri at home

* for the people of China

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12.

Thank you for upholding us with your love, support and prayers. We are truly blessed.

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