June 2008 Update

“You are my lamp, O Lord. The Lord turns my darkness into light.” II Samuel 22:29.

Many have asked if the earthquake in China was in or near any place we have been or affected anyone we know — no, it did not affect us directly nor did it Monica.

Monica did feel good that there was something she could do to help. A group of Chinese put on an annual show in Chicago, “2008 China Star Cultural Festival”, that this year was to be in celebration of the Olympics being held in Beijing. Since the earthquake, however, it was turned into a fundraiser which she was able to sell tickets to. All the monies from the performance are being directed to the Red Cross Society of China to help the victims.

It is very difficult to even imagine the devastation pain and suffering and the number of lives that have been lost. Please PRAY for those still struggling to recover from this tragedy, the homeless, injured, hungry and grieving. PRAY also for the relief organizations especially those that are Christian, pray that somehow through all this they can show the love of Jesus Christ and offer some hope as they seek to bring aid to these people.

The school year is over and this means it is time for Monica to go back to China. After spending almost a year with us she will be leaving on June 18th. The time has gone by quickly and hopefully the memories she will be taking back will be good ones and will be everlasting.

Rolf has his reservations to leave August 1st, first to Beijing for his volunteer job at the Olympics and then to go on to the university in Shijiazhuang for his teaching assignment. Just recently, however, a huge concern has come up. Rolf has been experiencing tremendous pain in his knees to the point of difficulty in walking and causing loss of sleep.

He became informed of a shot that can be given to give relief delaying the need for immediate knee replacement surgery. First, if this shot works for him, this would allow him to continue with his plan to go to China. Second, by the time he would return it would only be a few months before he would be eligible for medicare to pay for the knee replacement surgery. (O.K. now you know how young he is!) This would relieve some of the financial burden as his present medical insurance carries a very high deductible. Please PRAY for God’s provision and healing for Rolf’s knees.

Why does Rolf want to go back to teach in China? He just received an email from Annie one of his former students who is now going to school in England. In her email she said, “During this year, I always go to the church on Sunday . I do not think that I can find any words to express my appreciation for you . You guided me to approach to God. Every day I pray. I just feel that God love me so much. God always encourage me to be optimistic and confident in everything. My heart always is moved by God. Thank you so much.”

Rolf would like again to take NIV Study Bibles with him to China. If you would like to help make a difference and share God’s Word in the life of a Chinese new believer, would you consider purchasing a Bible or two for him to take back with him? On his last trip he was able to give away over 65 Bibles.

Thank you for all your love and support and especially for all your prayers.


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