Father’s Day, June 15, 2008

If you ever doubted the impact one father could make, consider the example of Jonathan Edwards.  Born in 1703, this world-renowned pastor is thought to be one of the most brilliant theologians in history.Yet his greatest accomplishment may have been raising his three sons and eight daughters.  Edwards made it a habit to devote an hour each day to his children.  It’s likely that these youngsters followed their father’s lead in nurturing their own families.

The list of Edward’s 1,394 known descendants includes 65 college professors, 13 college presidents, 3 United States senators, 30 judges, 100 lawyers, 60 physicians, 75 military officers, 100 missionaries and preachers, 60 authors of note, one vice president of the United States, 80 other public officials, and 295 college graduates, some of whom became state leaders and foreign ambassadors.

Every father is a role model for his family…positive or negative. While your career is important, nothing can compare with providing a solid spiritual foundation for your children.  Your example of godly character will equip them to impact their world for the Father’s glory.

A recent study discovered that 50 percent of children in the United States go to bed any given night without the voice of a father in their home.  The reality of this truth behind these statisticskids of a fatherless generation as well as countless men and women who have never experienced the love of their own father …is a gripping social dilemma.

Society offers varying ideas about when and how young people become adults, but far too many boys and girls today don’t know how to become spiritually mature men and women.  “Kid’s move into adulthood when they stop living for the approval of their father and start living under the smile of their heavenly Father,” says author and former NFL player Ed McGlasson, who exhorts parents to step up to the plate in his book “The Difference A Father Makes.”

A father’s words have the power to inspire greatness in his children or to cripple them forever.  When children have their father’s love and acceptance, they’re empowered to become the people God created them to be.  Give your sons and daughters love, time, and spiritual truths to follow, and you’ll put them on the path to becoming godly men and women.

Some of the world’s greatest role models are dads who show their children how to forgive, pray and obey God’s word.  When it comes to instructing your children about forgiveness, prayer, or unconditional love, make sure to practice what you teach to leave an everlasting  impact upon your kids.

Have a blessed Father’s Day.

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4


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