Good intentions are not enough…

Good intentions have to be joined to sound economics in order to realize the hope, opportunity and prosperity that our world so desperately needs. Every night on the news you hear people of good will, including our religious leaders, who petition our government for more and more programs to help the poor.

We don’t need more poverty programs, we need prosperity programs. We need to encourage and strengthen the natural gifts and talents people have for their own betterment, and demand social and political institutions that allow businesses to thrive. The core principles of freedom, hard work, using your God-given talents in excellent ways and looking to the needs of others are the core values of who we are as human beings, and no government, no matter how oppressive, can suppress our nature forever.

We need to continue to challenge distorted thinking with truth by engaging religious and people of faith in meaningful dialogue and influence those who shape the moral consensus in defense of individual liberty. Now more than ever before, our nation and our world are in desperate need of leaders with a proper understanding of their role in securing and sustaining a free society.

We’re intrigued by the sometimes surprising ways that God chooses to use our ministry in places where the gospel is rarely heard. When we have victories, we like to share them. And when we feel defeated, we want to tell our friends, because when you pray with us, we’ve seen the power of God turn defeat into victory. As we come to mind, please pray for the power of God to precede us, and that the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts for the message of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will empower us to walk with Him in the tough, rocky places that we must go. Pray with us, that we will communicate effectively.

If you didn’t already know this, we have no denomination or foundation that supports our ministry. We are a faith mission, supported by the free-will gifts of individuals and a few churches who believe in what we’re doing.

Until everyone has heard in the land…

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