Lead your Church…

Are you ready to take missions to a higher level in your church? Are you ready to ignite a fire for impacting lostness in China? Political freedom, economic progress, human rights and the alleviation of poverty will not transform human hearts or usher in the kingdom of God. Only He can do that. He transforms hearts in the midst of poverty and plenty, in democracies and dictatorships, in peace and in war. Transformed hearts, in turn, transform nations.

How can you use your skills to make an eternal impact in China? As China opens its gates to the world, we are presented with a unique window to bring God’s love to the 1.3 billion Chinese who have never heard the gospel.  You can be part of this unprecedented opportunity to impact China for Christ.

No matter what language is used, God hears, understands and answers the prayers of His people. Right now, the churches of the United States are taking this opportunity to make sure the Chinese people hear the gospel.

Every year more than 1 million Mainland Chinese visit Southeast Asia as tourists. We want to answer Christ’s call to make disciples by sharing a witness with these tourists and by giving those Bibles and other Christian materials. You can help to bring the Good News to those who have little or no chance to hear it where they live. Help make their vacation a life-changing one.

With more than 1.3 billion people in China, the only way we can reach them is one million at a time. There are today over 200 cities in China with a population of more than one million each. Half of those cities have never heard the gospel. There is a way to reach those people. Are you a “Trailblazer”?

Discover how your church can focus its prayers and expertise to win a China city to Christ in partnership with us. Christ is knocking on the door wanting to know the lost peoples of China. How can you and your church respond?

Until everyone has heard in the land…


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