Chinese Students and Tourists

China is officially an atheist country, 96 percent believe in Confucian, Taoism and Buddhist philosophy. This makes the Chinese the largest unreached people group on the planet. China has more than 200 cities with 1 million or more people. There are millions of souls crying out for something more than what this earthly life can offer. Some try to fill this hunger with power, wealth or pleasures; but beneath it all, their hunger is really a hunger for God. Some discover this, but many do not because they have never been given the chance to hear or receive the Gospel.

Over 1.3 billion people live in China with little access to God’s Word. Bibles and Jesus films are hard to acquire. Wide spread distribution of Bibles and other Christian media is illegal, in some places not allowed or severely curtailed by the Chinese Government on the mainland, but it is perfectly legal in the free nations of Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Every year, hundred thousands of Chinese students come to America to study on American universities and millions of Chinese people take vacations throughout the countries overseas. Many of these Chinese students and tourists will carry the Bible back into China where it is shared with friends and family.

Here are some testimonials:

“A guy came and realized what we had and wanted one of everything we had, including all the tracts and Christian books. He then sat down and thumbed through the material he got. He read the tract from cover to cover with such intent interest. He continued to read some of the other stuff he got. He never asked any questions but he also didn’t know any English. However, I know in that crowded, impure place, he met the Father.”

“It was so amazing! People wanted what we had because they were Bibles and for no other reason. To see people so hungry for something that has been kept from them their whole lives, the images will burn in my mind for the rest of my life. I got to give someone the most precious book that they will ever own.”

How can you help? Not everyone can go to China, but you can still be a vital part in serving “Exchange Students” from where you are.  There are thousands of Mainland Chinese Students currently studying aboard.  As China undergoes a major social and economic transformation, these academically elite students will be the future of China.  With this in mind, Chinese exchange students are possibly one of the most important and strategic unreached people groups and should not be ignored.

Are you near a university campus with many students from mainland China? Do you have an English-as-a-Second-Language program that local Chinese could attend? Has God burdened your heart to reach the mainland Chinese in your community with the gospel? Do you want to help Chinese believers who will return to China to connect with local believers there?

Through friendship and hospitality, it is easy to make an impact on a student’s life. There are various things that you can do to reach out to these students such as:  airport pick-ups of new arrivals, host a party or picnic and invite students, adopt students during the holidays and invite them into your home, take students to church or even your Bible study.   Planting seeds of friendship and love in the life of a Chinese Student will make an impact far greater then you could ever imagine.

What do you do on your vacation? Ministering to the Chinese doesn’t have to happen in China. After 50 years of limiting the international travel of its people, China is finally opening its doors and letting its citizens have an opportunity to see the world. For the first time in their lives, they are allowed to gawk beyond their own borders. Why not introduce them to Jesus on their vacation?

Are you a risk taker who would like nothing better than to take the gospel to one of China’s cities or people group? Would you relish an internship or mission trip that provides training and mentoring with other modern-day apostles? Do you hunger to see God move among people who are hungry and receptive to the gospel?

You can do all this and give these Chinese Christian tracts, Bibles on DVD and other religious materials. Or join us for a week, a few weeks or even several weeks to pray…to smile… to hand out scriptures and to share your testimony with these students and tourists. Come as a single, a couple, a family or as a team from your church or organization. Use your vacation to impact someone’s eternal destiny and help us plant seeds of truth in the hearts of the Chinese so they can go home as new creations in Christ. And, in the process, you will return home changed as well, having shared the light of the Gospel with students and tourists.

It is as easy as saying “Yes, I will go.” Today, as never before God is equipping and mobilizing His church and sending them out to reach the lost. World-wide, Christians report a deepening sense of urgency, just as those who do not know Jesus evidence a growing sense of confusion, instability, and despair. Wars, epidemics, famine, and earthquakes abound and every day, the Church grows brighter, more unified, and more Christ-like. Never before have the unevangelized and unreached peoples been so open to the gospel. This is a “karios” (Greek word for strategic timing) moment or opportune time in church history. We must make most of it!

It only takes one or two weeks of your time to share God’s good news with scores of men, women, and children. One or two weeks to liberate scores of lost people from spiritual darkness and lead them to eternal life and when you return home, you’ll leave behind a healthy new church that you helped to plant, new orphanage or commercial enterprise that will advance God’s kingdom. Many have gone before you. As you and thousands more go, we will reach this generation for Christ. One week at a time! Will you go?

Until everyone has heard in the land…


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