For the Love of China

We are happy to inform you of a very significant book that is now available to be taken to China as a handout during the Olympics.

“For the Love of China” (Chinese title in English of the translation of the book “Eric Liddell: Heroes of Faith”) is a very inspiring account of a tremendous role model, Eric Liddell. A man who became a huge celebrity in Scotland as an Olympic gold medal winner, and then left all that to serve the Chinese people with a sacrificial love that can only be explained as from a higher source. His story was also made into the Academy Award winning Best Motion Picture “Chariots of Fire”, though the film says almost nothing about his life in China.

“For the Love of China” is hard to put down, and a great book to give to people who may not otherwise show an interest in his values. It is well suited also for young people who need role models of his stature. The suitability of it for China in this year of the Olympics is obvious. You may obtain “For the Love of China” directly from AFC. The books are expected to be available in the States around mid-May. If you would like to get it for your friends or relatives in China, please contact Ambassadors For Christ (AFC) at 1-888-999-7959, (M-F) for more information.

“For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.” Psalm 37:28


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